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CS Ribbons

Cyber Struggle Ribbons Program

Cyber Struggle Ribbon Program aims to support our graduates for improvement both in technical aspects and attitude-wise.

Thus, we assign a different ribbon for each act as a sign of respect and honor among our community.

Ribbon Application

There are basic rules to earn ribbons.

  • It is a reference and suggestion based process. Grads cannot apply to earn ribbons for themselves, instead one should be suggested by managers or team leads through brief justifications
  • Every ribbon requires at least 3 corresponding suggestions in order to be issued

Active Ribbons and Meanings

  • FILO : First in Last Out

    This ribbon requires extreme initiative and performance during a cyber incident process. Basically, it indicates taking the first initiative with great delivery performance

  • INOF : I am never out of the fight

    This ribbon indicates the one who never dodges responsibility during an incident or a crisis

  • 2DEI : Demand Discipline, Expect Innovation

    This ribbon indicates the one who provides innovative solutions, research and development activities with great add-value to their organization

  • DEF : Discipline Equals Freedom

    This ribbon indicates the one who is dedicated to self-improvement while also providing add-value to their organization

  • NMB : No man behind

    This ribbon indicates the one who has never left their teammates behind. One needs to assist their team, stand against mobbing and prevent related unapproved habits in order to be issued this ribbon

  • UIS : Unity is Strength

    This ribbon indicates the one who provides great benefit to keep the team together and to establish great teaming culture

Active Ribbons Short List


  • FILO
  • INOF
  • 2DEI


  • NMB
  • UIS
  • DEF