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Cyber Struggle Tactical Pistol Operator

Tactical shooting with pistols are considered a sporting activity that dates back to many years of shooting. But of course, it also has a vital place in the part of self-defence

This is not the only reason of why Cyber Struggle has been committed to tactical shooting qualifications. Self-defense aside, the modules and drills of tactical shooting training have important features that will improve the person from every angle and increase their point of view and basic cognitive abilities to the next level.

The CSTPO (Cyber Struggle Tactical Pistol Operator) certification studies are based on adapting to dynamically changing situations, making the right decision under pressure and in a limited time period.  Also, developing situational awareness, developing the point of sight area control. This studies are carried out by forming different levels and varieties of pressure environments.

The trainees are technically developing their shooting and self-defense skills, while also developing the issues such as cognitive and anxiety control.

In addition to basic shooting skills during certification training, moving shots, selective target shots, chaos drills, screening exercises, stress drills etc. are being carried out in the field of study.

Currently, CSTPO certificate is open only for our graduates who have received education or certification from us. 

Cognitive Drill with Colours