Delta Unit

Delta Unit

Delta Unit is a community operating multidisciplinary researches within the Cyber Struggle. In addition of cyber security, Delta researches about terrorism studies, 4th generation warfares, psychological warfare, unconventional warfare, criminology and their cyber world implications.

Only CS team mates or graduates can join the Delta Unit.

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For conference requests or questions feel free to reach out us from

  • “Future cyber struggle as an unconventional process, uncertainty doctrine and hybrid approach from scalable preparation perspective”, Turkish Asia Strategical Research Center – 2018
  • “Scrum based multidisciplinary training approach”, Cyber Security Week Holland- 2018
  • “Introduction to hybrid approach to cyber security”, Bilkent University – 2018
  • “Future expertise”, Marmara University – 2018
  • “In OPSEC Fails We Trust, Multidisciplinary Approach in Fighting Cyber Crime”, Yıldırım Beyazıt University BTG Day – 2018
  • “Criminal Profiling and Psychological Warfare in Cyber World”, Academical Informatics – 2017
  • “Do today, what others wont tomorrow”, Isik University Career Days- 2017


AEGIS is up and running!a hybrid certification for SOC Analyst

Aegis is a self study, performance based certification and it is the first step of AAR (Aegis, Alpha, Ranger) path to provide great baseline for multidisciplinary approach. In Addition, it establishes a good set of baselines for Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOC Analysts within the coverage of both offensive and investigative skills and strategic/critical thinking mindset.