You should try this course if you have a wide field of interest. I call it a course, but it starts to become a life style after the first week. It is much more than an ordinary Cyber Security course. First of all, it is a point to meet those who share the same interests as you have. It is such an environment, where you could experience the concept of teamworking and all the potential problems in connection therewith, you could discuss about psychology, carry out security intelligence, listen to the experiences of professionals in the field of cyber security, learn some technical knowledge and, put them into practice as many time as you want. Throughout this course, you actually understand that time is relative.

As a matter of fact, you experience how long a day is and how you could fix many things in it. Before I start to make a research about the course, I met some graduates during some events I attended and, it attracted my interest. They all worn the same type of sweatshirt, walking together with their teacher in the middle. They even imposed a penalty for those who were late. It was possible to feel in even remote that they were all at the same frequency. As soon as I felt this energy, I said to myself that I needed to be there and, made my application without thinking further. The Silver Wolves will support so that you can further increase this energy.
I am getting into this, but is it the right time to do so? This is how I thought first, but it is not possible to know the right answer before getting into it. My workload and, my master’s degree courses coinciding on the same dates were also among the reasons why I hesitated so much. Will I stumble? Will I give up tiring out? These were the questions that occurred to my mind. When you choose to be in such a busy schedule, you understand what you could sacrifice about, what the moments you just spend for fun are, and that a day is actually a huge period of 24 hours. You get tired sometimes and, you become accustomed to it and, you want to get tired more, it starts to feel something nice. And you say it is ok, I am starting to get into the frequency. The number of such environments when you could experience these feelings are limited, and this place is one of them.

And there is also a physical aspect, SAT 3 may seem only a word. However, everything you experience during these practices changes you mentally and physically. You experience those feelings at that moment that you cannot experience even with your long-term friends. You motivate one another by whispering while crawling on the ground. You shiver together and, you get warmer together. You think of the experience talks you have heard from Teacher Kubilay for 10 weeks and, your body activates the back-up engines when you feel your energy is zero so that you keep moving.

It is important to get into the frequency; you see the borders of your body and, what it is capable of. Those who feel the frequency when you watch the activities, don’t think too much, get into it, we will be there for you. To be like one fist…

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