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Cyber Struggle

Cyber Struggle, founded under SECHOB(Seize Clear HOld Build) OFFENSIVE Inc., has the identity of being an independent brand having its own financial structure and strategy.

Cyber Struggle aims at upbringing specialists having 360 degrees qualifications by adopting new generation fight and struggle processes, and with a new educational methodology accordingly.

Trainees trained under Cyber Struggle develop intellectually as well as being graduated as conscious individuals with team spirit, habits of solving problems in the team, supporting his/her friends in the team. Acquiring these habits is adopted as a parameter for certification process.

It further moves with confident steps towards being an international authority in the future by passing the maturity steps steadily.

Despite being a trademark, Cyber struggle focuses its business focus on feedback of education and raising standards. It is positioned as semi-community in this sense. Founders have no concerns as raising living standards with this programme. They adopt the principle of managing the brand in collaboration with the community as much as possible. Within this framework, the programme cares about and encourages lifelong communication with the programme graduates and their contributions to the programme.

Its positioning and the system it tries to structure is designed for eliminating all obstacles to its maintaining own existence and standards and further raising them to higher levels, supporting each other of all graduates who have established organic and spiritual bonds with the programme, and adopting the approach of contributing to the field and constant production.

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Accreditation Approach

Cyber Struggle believes that it is the effort which determines the value of a process. Therefore, values of all existing and future programs under Cyber Struggle worth efforts of the trainees. It does not believe in a special way of accreditation.

However, it endeavors to maintain program standards at the level of world standards. It conducts additional works to raise view and confidence towards the certificate holders. These works are focused as contributing to the lives of the certificate holders in a positive way rather than accreditation of the certificate.

Within the scope of these works, Cyber Struggle introduced an electronic certificate like a credit card which can be verified online across the world instead of paper certificate, by being audited by cartcerd. All necessary details have become accessible from all over the world with introduction of this card by verifying information such as the place of the training, trainers, courses taken on the common database of the training.

In addition, it has achieved to draw attention of organizations both public and private sector, leading companies such as  Earnst&Young  added our certificates to their job notices as a factor of preference. Besides the job notices, PwC, Deloitte two of the leading consultation companies, announced that they will prioritize new graduates holding our certificates in internship applications.

It adopted a principle for maintaining close relations with universities due to the academic gap caused by Cyber Struggle’s new generation approach. Within this scope, we are conducting works for certificates of the certificate holders at post-graduate programs to be counted as course credits.

In addition to this and similar works, as stated before, it focuses on and believes in 10-week-experience with trainees rather than which companies said what.

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