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Cyber Struggle

After 9/11 war has changed from regular army to the special forces. Today however, this transformation caught cyber security experts unprepared. Even 90% percent of experts define cognitive gaps, stress and uncertainty as their primary gaps; instead of technical ones. 60% percent of experts confirm that they can rarely stay offline in a small time period. 88% percent of them are working more than 40 hours in a week.

Those small statistics shows that cyber world needs different type of approach in order to deal with the new shape of low intensity conflict.

Cyber Struggle brings 360 degree security approach to the individuals planning to have an extraordinary cyber security career and to the corporates keen to have such intense skill set in their teams.

We combine technical topics with criminology, terrorism, psychological warfare, adaptive thinking, teaming, mental resilience and leadership.

As Cyber Struggle, our aim is training the special forces of cyber world.

We have developed the world’s first multidisciplinary and the most intense cyber security trainings and certifications. We have put Scrum in the heart of our trainings.

In addition, our certifications have quickly proved their efficiency and  have drawn the attention of organizations both public and private, including leading companies such as Earnst & Young adding our certificates to their job notices as a factor of preference.

Aside from job notices, PwC and Deloitte, two  leading consultation companies, announced that they will prioritize new graduates holding our certificates in internship applications.

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