HYBRID Certification for SOC Analysts

Aegis Finds the Sign!

On the Job Training

We Love What We Do!
There is no classical teaching methodology. Learn with jobs and missions

On the Job Grading

We Love What We Do!
Be graded with not only one exam, but with whole performance and jobs are done

Performance Based

We Love What We Do!
Fully exercises and simulation oriented. Learn by dealing with real life cases, not with exams

Cyber Struggle AEGIS Overview

Aegis is a self study, performance based certification and it is the first step of AAR (Aegis, Alpha, Ranger) path to provide great baseline for multidisciplinary approach. In Addition, it establishes a good set of baselines for Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOC Analysts within the coverage of both offensive and investigative skills and strategic/critical thinking mindset.

AEGIS Coverage

A security operations center (SOC) is a facility that houses an cyber security team responsible for monitoring and analyzing an organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis. The SOC team’s goal is to detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes.

Since cyber security becomes a never ending struggle; traditional, product oriented, product expert centric approaches are just not suitable to manage the process. It requires hybrid expertise and mindset.

In order to detect, analyze and response efficiently, SOC Analysts should have solid knowledge for offensive methods and techniques.

Offensive Lab

With offensive lab, candidates will make great introduction to attacking systems and penetration testing process

Investigative Lab

With investigation lab, candidates get hands on experience to analyze logs, traffic, malware, common attacks and detection techniques

Standalone Missions

Standalone missions feed candidates to think out of the box and to provide solutions for different set of attack cases

Regular Reports

Candidates write regular reports for detection, investigation process. There are also prioritization and strategy building reports in place

Strategic/Tactical Thinking

Candidates increased their strategical an tactical thinking with story based different attacks and standalone missions

Uncertainty Doctrine

Like real life cases, candidates have low visibility about standalone missions, timing of the attack they would face. Candidates need to improve s/his adaptive thinking skils

Self Study

There is no teaching video in the process as part of on the job principle. Candidates improve their skills with on the job attacks and standalone missions

Intense Exercise

Whole certification process is performance based learning. So that, candidates always learn with exercises covering offensive, investigative and strategy related topics

AEGIS Holders Can

  • Write basic scripts to aid in the SOC process
  • Identify and eliminate false positives
  • Identify, exploit and remediate common web application vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize attacks and missions to make better decisions
  • Identify common post exploitation techniques
  • Show better performance under pressure
  • Make correlation between offensive techniques and investigations/detections
  • Find product independent innovative solutions against different attacks
  • Contribute to SOC strategy process
  • Perform root cause analysis

Some Pre-requisites

  • Certificationn

    No prior certification required

  • Skillset

    Basic scripting, knowledge about fundamental networking and common services would be big plus. Additionally, basic linux and windows operating system knowledge is required.

  • Enrollment

    Cost: 1300 Euros + VAT
    Duration: 25 days

Cyber Struggle AEGIS

World first and only multidisciplinary certifications for SOC Analysts

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