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Cyber Struggle Experiment Certification

Experience the most extraordinary experience of Cyber Struggle’s hybrid perspective in a real life gameplay and simulation. Complete the missions and get the CS-Experiment certification

During the process of the CS-Experiment, you will need to hack into the systems using the information you have obtained through your intelligence work. Nevertheless, you’ll have to navigate through military simulation, scouting and hacking in the target area under ambushed and challenging conditions, capture critical data and escape to the friendly zone.

In addition to your technical skills at the computer, you find yourself in a short-term hybrid life. With this simulation, your motor skills, your mental endurance, cognitive endurance, your capabilities, team skills, mental tolerance, will be under pressure to complete the assignments. You’ll have the opportunity to improve and test your techninal, cognitive, micro and macro vision status.

From this point of view, the purpose of this certificate simulation game is to provide you with a total experience, to get to know and develop yourself both technically and cognitively, to develop a hybrid approach for the future threats.

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