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CS Manifesto

Cyber Struggle Manifesto

Cyber Struggle is not Cyber Security. As an opportunity of a new life and a range of action, the cyber world is not only a new area, where the crimes in the kinetic life are reflected, but also contains new, unique methods of crime and threat.

The future method of struggle does not contain only the devices in front of which we place ourselves, considering in terms of either corporations or nations. All the problems and disputes of the kinetic world that are solved or remain unsolved are considered in the scope of the cyber struggle. Considered in this point of view, cyber struggle is a special warfare process.

This new and special warfare process requires a new specialist profile as a team member that is able to show a multidisciplinary approach, conduct the struggle seeing the big picture wherever necessary, intervene in technical issues at micro level if need be, never gives up in defiance of difficulties, makes the right decisions under stress, takes initiative, commands and directs the process accordingly.

A cyber struggle specialist also considers the perception process of a brand in the cyber world within the scope of cyber struggle. Sees all types of actions that may be taken against the organization they defend in the cyber world as an area of response. Considers all types of physical threats against the cyber position within the scope of cyber struggle.

A cyber struggle specialist will not consider the aspects only in terms of information technologies. Engages in a wide range of activities from Psychological Operations to Terrorism, from Organized Crimes or Crime Association to Profiling and, from International Relations to War Theories. Improves themselves at all times. Makes use of their knowledge acquired about different fields to act in a target- and impact-oriented manner during the performance the cyber struggle process.

A cyber struggle specialist is highly equipped, able to properly conduct the target/loss analyses, and acts in a process-oriented manner avoiding result-oriented approaches to successfully carry out the struggle process of the organization they defend.

A cyber struggle specialist is a person who has developed an environmental perception that is significantly sensitive. Avoids developing survival instincts at the expense of others in the organization or society they live in. Believes that they emerge acting without ego, in a support-oriented manner, never crushing anyone and, even supporting their team members to emerge. A cyber struggle specialist is significantly positive. Inspires confidence, peace and motivation. Supports and, takes responsibility in difficult situations.

A cyber struggle specialist is production and quality-oriented. Will not go after small strategies. Tells and does the right thing in order to carry out the struggle process of the organization in the best manner. Will not move away from what needs to be told and done due to their commercial careers and egos. A cyber struggle specialist is humble. Focuses on what they will learn as they improve their potential, the more they grow the more they become humble, the more they learn, the more they support.

A cyber struggle specialist would never see any work as a success if it does not touch human to further beauty the life, no matter what they may gain commercially or in terms of status.

A cyber struggle specialist quickly adapt to all conditions, carries out their performance with a high level of endurance. Never leaves anyone behind, but also never gives up.

A cyber struggle specialist is open minded, not afraid of changes, analyzes changes and take the steps based on the process.

A cyber struggle specialist stands against injustice, mobbing etc. even if it occurs in the organization. Always acts in a human-oriented manner, knows the value of human life.

This is the manifesto of Cyber Struggle for the strugglers of the future and, open to changes and adaptations like all other struggle specialists. Cyber Struggle aims to train highly-qualified personnel with a program designed based on this manifesto.