For Corporates

Customized Training

Aside from our certifications, we provide highly customized training options for your teams. The Stretch Program gives your organization the ability to pre-purchase a block of trainings that you can gradually utilize throughout the year

Head Hunting

All of our certifications covers both technical skills and soft skills and special forces mindset. Imagine, no psychological assessments, no doubt and no more anxiety. Our graduates will absolutely fit your business needs

SOC Team Certification

If you have a SOC team/env and you are not sure about their current state, we can assist you to profile the team from both technical, psychological and procedural point of views by our multidisciplinary approach

Professional cyber security consultancy for special needs

AEGIS is up and running!a hybrid certification for SOC Analyst

Aegis is a self study, performance based certification and it is the first step of AAR (Aegis, Alpha, Ranger) path to provide great baseline for multidisciplinary approach. In Addition, it establishes a good set of baselines for Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOC Analysts within the coverage of both offensive and investigative skills and strategic/critical thinking mindset.