Komutan Linux

Komutan Linux

Komutan Linux is planned as a cyber struggle distro project and is ongoing as a community study by the efforts of our graduates. This distro is based on Debian and donated with tools to serve penetration tests, incident analysis, log analysis and digital forensics. In addition, other projects and tools to be developed within our multidisciplinary cyber struggle concept will also take place in the said distro.

Users can create their own distro onto the existing one only with one click by using a scripted tool and we aim to share this capability with the world in the future. We thank to our graduates and to our big family for their never-ending good will and the energy they spent for this project once again.

Screenshots from Linux

AEGIS is up and running!a hybrid certification for SOC Analyst

Aegis is a self study, performance based certification and it is the first step of AAR (Aegis, Alpha, Ranger) path to provide great baseline for multidisciplinary approach. In Addition, it establishes a good set of baselines for Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOC Analysts within the coverage of both offensive and investigative skills and strategic/critical thinking mindset.