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Incident Management / SOC Training

It is usually disregarded that struggle is a never-ending process and it is vital to keep up with the management process when coping with various obstacles such as compatibility with regulations. Thus, there occurs tensions that cause asymmetrical disadvantage during struggles.

However, the management of struggle eases when the process is depicted as a whole: It is actually a big mechanism consisted of being a productive team working in harmony, building an ideal technical process, resolving communicational conflicts and applying the best of executive techniques. With this program, Cyber Struggle focuses on to support corporations by integrating a multidisciplinary approach with educational expertise achieved by practices in immense constitutions with thousands of employees, servers and web applications.


When a new vulnerability is explored each day, an incident oriented preparation is indispensable to cope with a struggling process.

Incident Management Certification is at least a five-day program. However, a mutual time planning is always considered if there is additional requirement for a deeper study and understanding of certain courses. The intensity of the training program and mental coordination studies are planned in alignment with corporate requirements.

Process Oriented Topics

  • Paradigm Variances and Hybrid Approaches
  • Monitoring vs Incident Management
  • False Facts
  • Team Management, Frictions and Communication
  • Interdepartmental Coordination During An Incident
  • Standardization of Processes
  • Defcon Levelling
  • Team Staffing and Sentry Duties
  • New Generation Department Structures
  • Impact Oriented Operations and Strategic Classifications
  • Area Dominance
  • Irregular Warfare and Incident Management

Technical Topics

  • TCP/IP, Fragmentation
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography
  • Sniffing
  • Threat Against Applications
  • Threat Against Services/Servers
  • Social Engineering
  • Hardening
  • Logging
  • Central Log Management
  • Product vs Experty
  • Alarm and Scenarios
  • Traffic Analysis and Investigation
  • Malware Analysis Fundamentals
  • Reporting and Linear Feedback
  • Incident Management Case Analysis
  • Incident Investigation Case Analysis
  • Orchestration
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