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Reverse Engineering Training

Nowadays, malwares and 0-day vulnerabilities are frequently used for cyber-attack organizations. However, passive security solutions such as Firewall, IDS and AV fail to satisfy up-to-date requirements against such risks. For an efficient defense, it is obligatory to embrace a proactive security approach, which makes it crucial to procure the accurate intelligence and knowledge about the technics, the tactics and the processes (TTP) of attacker groups. And for such a research process, an expert needs to use both Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis abilities.


Cyber Struggle Corporate Reverse Engineering Certification provide corporations the significant personnel competency to technically enable in- house management of their own analysis processes. The training is at least a five-day program. However, a mutual time planning is always considered if there is additional requirement for a deeper study and understanding of certain courses.

Executable Files and x86

  • ELF Format and File Types
  • ELF Headers and Section
  • x86 Registers and Stack
  • Arithmetic and Logical Commands
  • Condition and Non Condition
  • System Calls
  • Local and Global Variables
  • Statics
  • Arrays and Pointers
  • Loops
  • Function Calls
  • Dynamic Functions

DGB Debug and Anti-Analysis

  • Debugging Options
  • Disassembly Syntax Option
  • Memory Disassemble
  • Execution Modes
  • Breakpoint
  • Register and Symbol
  • AntiDebugger and Timing Check
  • Memory Analysis
  • Address / Register Modification
  • Runtime Patching
  • Program Flow
  • Hooking
  • Integrity Checking

Static Analysis

  • File Types
  • Strings
  • File Headers
  • ELF Header
  • ELF Section Header and Content
  • ELF Section Content Dump
  • Symbols Information
  • Disassemble
  • Disassembly Mods
  • Disassembly Syntax

Dynamic Analysis

  • Runtime Function Call Trace
  • Runtime System Calls
  • Runtime FileSystem Activities
  • Runtime Process Activities
  • Runtime Network Activities
  • Runtime Memory Activites
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