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Unique Methodology

We believe in people in each and every step we take! We bring special forces mindset and methodology to Cyber Security

Multidisciplinary Approach

360 Degree Security Perspective

We combine technical skills with criminology, psyc warfare and terrorism

Scrum Based Methodology

Agile Training Methodology

We put the Scrum and agile methodology in the heart of trainings

Cognitive Abilities

Filling the Cognitive Gaps

Our approach covers mental resilience, command control skills and leadership

Cyber Struggle

Helps individuals who want to make a great difference in their career and corporates who are keen to have special forces in their teams

Cyber Security Certifications

Cyber Struggle trainings are designed for red team members and SOC analysts who want to make great difference with their cyber security career while gaining world’s first multidisciplinary certifications

Customized Services

Cyber Struggle can assist to your corporates by providing customized trainings, recruiting best people for your needs, wide range consultancy and testing/certifying your SOC teams and environment

Cyber Struggle aims at bringing up specialists with 360-degree qualifications by adopting new generation fight and struggle processes, with a new educational methodology accordingly.

It’s Not a War, It’s a Struggle

Cyber security has become a struggle which cannot be handled only within the framework of information security, due to the integration between real life and cyber life. We need a new approach which will include various disciplines within the framework, in order to deal with today’s struggle.

Many resources define Cyber as an additional domain to Air, Land, Sea, and Space. For us, it is not a very fitting definition and does not help the cyber security community to deal with today’s truly asymmetric and unconventional process. As Cyber Struggle, we define Cyber as a framework for all other domains.

Clearly, we need a new and effective approach as it is not a war anymore, but a never ending struggle; like elite special forces. They are trained not only hybrid technical skills, but also soft skills like teaming, leadership, mental resilience and perform under high stress.

From that perspective, Cyber Struggle combines hybrid technical skills with different disciplines such as, criminology, psychological warfare and terrorism studies. CS also puts soft skills in the heart of certifications and trainings to provide 360 degree security vision and abilities. 

What Multidisciplinary Approach Covers

Offensive Topics

Penetration Testing, Binary Exploitation, Web, Network, System Oriented Attack Scenarios

Investigative Topics

Network Traffic Analysis, Log Analysis, SOC Concept, Incident Investigation, Malware Analysis

Complementary Topics

Psychological Warfare, Unconventional Warfare, Criminology, Profiling, Terrorism

Cognitive Functions

Problem Solving, Mental Resilience, Decision Making under Pressure, Adaptation, Situational Awareness

Simulative Coverage

More than 100 homework, 300 exercises, labs and conflict management simulations


Team management, Team Coordination, Communication, Incident Management, Timing, Scrum

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