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On the Job Training

We Love What We Do!
There is no classical teaching methodology. Learn with jobs and missions


We Love What We Do!
Be graded with not only one exam, but with whole performance and jobs are done

Performance Based

We Love What We Do!
Fully exercises and simulation oriented. Learn by dealing with real life cases, not with exams

Cyber Struggle RANGER Overview

RANGER certification is the premium certification of Cyber Struggle. It is f2f intensive training to provide great hybridity and advanced topics in both technical offensive and defensive skills, soft skills and social science perspective.

Cyber Struggle Ranger is considered as world’s the most intense and difficult cyber security industry certification.

RANGER Coverage

Our trainees who are entitled to receive their certificates and badges are not only qualified in the aspects of technical domains of cyber security, but also they identify the concept of security within the unconventional warfare process. This way of thinking and evaluating the process enables them to acquire a 360-degree expertise and increases their mental toughness, leadership and teaming skills, also adaptive thinking abilities to another level, which is required for an ideal expert.

During the program, trainees focus on not only advanced topics in offensive part of cyber security, but also simulate the threat hunting and intelligence process while they are improving their soft skills to special forces level

Offensive Topics

Advanced topics in web exploitation, client side attacks, network exploitation, binary exploitation, adversary simulations

Investigative Topics

Reverse engineering, threat hunting, threat intelligence, incident management concepts, malware analysis, traffic analysis, forensics.

Standalone Missions

Standalone missions feed candidates to help them to think out of the box and to provide solutions for different set of attack cases

Regular Reports

Candidates write regular reports for detection, investigation process. There are also prioritization and strategy building reports in place

Intelligence Studies

Field and in-class exercises for intelligence methodologies, prioritization, spotting, engagements, approaching, cover story and tiger team exercises to have intelligence mindset

Uncertainty Doctrine

Like real life cases, candidates have low visibility about standalone missions, timing of the attack they would face. Candidates need to improve s/his adaptive thinking skils

Field Exercises

2 Field exercises with retired special forces to have better insight and psychological readiness for incidents. Mental toughness, teaming and leadership improvement.

Intense Exercise

Whole certification process is performance based learning. So that, candidates always learn with exercises covering offensive, investigative and strategy related topics

RANGER Holders Can

  • Develop sophisticated exploits
  • Create custom shellcodes
  • Perform Heap Sprays
  • Prioritize attacks and missions to make better decisions
  • Identify advanced post exploitation techniques
  • Keep ideal performance state under intense pressure
  • Innovative correlation between offensive techniques and investigations/detections
  • Find product independent innovative solutions against advanced attacks
  • Work as a red teamer or Tier 3-4 SOC Analyst/Manager
  • Evade DEP and ASLR protection
  • Provide strategical, operative and tactical leadership and management

Some Pre-requisites

  • Certificationn

    No prior requirement until ALPHA certification is announced.

  • Skillset

    Basic scripting, network and web fundamentals, huge motivation to be abnormal, un-orthodox one.

  • Enrollment

    Cost: Based on the Chapter Country you are thinking to attend. Please  Contact Us
    Duration: Option 1: 25 days whole week Option 2: 10 weeks on weekends and online contacts after business hours.

Cyber Struggle RANGER

Industry leading advanced multidisciplinary cyber security certification

Application Process

The first step of the CSR Certification Program Application is to fill our application form on our website. Please ensure you complete all information in detail. Forms with any unfulfilled areas are not taken into consideration.

The questions on our form are prepared to identify your candidate profile; this structure also provides us the information needed to create a class of attendees in the most optimal way.  After the evaluation of the forms, applicants who are considered to attend our training program are contacted via phone/skype for an interview. Candidates are rarely invited for a face-to-face interview in this step of the process.

Once the interview process is finalized and considered positive, we contact our applicants to confirm their attendance. Withdrawal from the program after this step should only be considered in case of very significant excuses.

HELLWEEK Examination Process

The offensive exam is conducted among five servers and root status is expected for at least four of them. In addition, the trainee is required to conduct a penetration test for an existing web application and finalize the testing report.

This is the phase of the exam where the trainee analyzes provided logs, malwares, and traffics like Security Operation Center Analyst. A general analysis report is later prepared regarding the root cause.

The required output of this phase is a complete article about either the application or the correlation of social sciences and complementary courses on cyber security process. The article is neither expected to be perfectly academic nor be like a daily newspaper article. It needs to either provide/ criticize an opinion or propose a new way of thinking on the subject. The article should be written within general rules of article writing, and the sources of information need to be clearly provided.

This is the final phase of Hell Week. In this stage, the trainee is expected to improve her/his mental capabilities by pushing personal limits further. Thus, the trainee is required to use knowledge learned during the program and create solutions in harmony with her/his team without giving up under any circumstances or any level of stress. A trainee who withdraws during field application cannot receive the certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you meet the prerequisites to attend the final exam, you can retake it as many times as you wish, so long as the predefined exam fee is paid. Be advised that there is a cooling period for each attempt

Ranger program is sophisticated program which is focusing on not only technical skills, but also soft skills and mental processes. From that manner, it requires certain period of time to change habits and so on. Currently we have 2 options. Option 1 requires 25 days and 24/7 attendance. You will be in our base, work there, sleep there, suffer there and so on. Option 2 requires 10 weeks and weekend attending. 

This is absolutely dependent on the trainee. We designed this training program in parallel to its nature, where a dense schedule will be much more effective for the attendees. Students with busy school schedules have successfully completed the training program, while others with tons of free time have failed, because they failed to dedicate sufficient time to the program tasks. The value of this program can only be appraised by the amount of effort expended for it.

We believe accommodation to be a very subjective issue, due to its related aspects, such as conditions and capabilities. Thus, the program chooses to keep its distance from the subjective stuff and does not currently propose an organic solution. However, the trainees generally support each other for accommodation, and the program can provide recommendations when required. In any case, there may be different applications in different countries and chapters. Please ask your local chapter for further information!

The design of the program is highly complicated, and it is also very challenging to summarize the benefits and learning outcomes of some applications executed at critical milestones during the process. Beyond this, we believe that attendees will obtain the maximum level of benefit when some details are not revealed in part of our uncertainty doctrine approach. Our certified trainees also embrace this approach and prefer to share these details at minimum levels, so that they do not decrease the expected level of output during your training, in case of your attendance is valid. Any shared details about content will be considered as a penalty and you may face with life time ban from CS 

Field trainings for CSR certification are more highly related to mental development than physical attributes. Our first physical training focuses on technical subjects, such as incident management, teamwork, communication, raid, the effect of surprise, adaptation, and basic mental maturity within the scope of Irregular Warfare. On the other hand, our second physical training aims to increase endurance by concentrating on fundamental capabilities, such as self-confidence, teamwork, communication, conflict management, cognitive functions, and making the right decision under pressure. In this context, the main objective is to create a mental status compatible with this kind of special warfare.

If you consider taking part of our program despite a physical obstacle, it is an honor for us to congratulate and welcome you. As creators of this program, we aim to increase the level of thinking of others who have no physical obstacles to your level of thinking. Field trainings will definitely not be mandatory for you.

Face-to-face training is currently mandatory for Ranger certification. However, we also have Cyber Struggle Aegis (CSA) and Cyber Struggle Alpha (CSAL) certifications, which are online, self-study and pentesting/soc oriented. The focus of the Ranger certification is not only on technical skills but also cognitive functions, social science and so on. It is  360-degree vision. Thus, physical presence for the program is required.

Upcoming Ranger Certifications

ChapterLanguageDateDuration Remaining SeatEnrollment
Hungary (CE) ChapterEnglishSeptemberOption 16 out of 16
Bosphorus ChapterLocal Language5 OctoberOption 28 out of 16
Bosphorus ChapterLocal Language12.07.2019Option 20
Bosphorus ChapterLocal Language19.01.2019Option 20

Some Brands Trusting Our Certs

AEGIS is up and running!a hybrid certification for SOC Analyst

Aegis is a self study, performance based certification and it is the first step of AAR (Aegis, Alpha, Ranger) path to provide great baseline for multidisciplinary approach. In Addition, it establishes a good set of baselines for Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOC Analysts within the coverage of both offensive and investigative skills and strategic/critical thinking mindset.